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The Venerable Pocket Spring Mattress

admin 1 - Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pocket spring mattresses are not new, and they have held on to their reputation as a premier mattress for a number of reasons. They are versatile, long-lasting, and comfortable, and they show no signs of surrendering their market share.

Pocket spring mattresses have occasionally been lumped in to the same category as cage sprung, or open coil mattresses. This is a fallacy: these inferior designs don’t isolate their springs in to individual pockets, and have a poor history with consumers. They tend to do a very poor job of isolating the sleepers, their continuous coil will wear easily, and can produce vibrations and noise.

In contrast, pocket springs are isolated; they each operate individually from their neighbour, and little to no vibration is transmitted across the body of the mattress. Because there are so many individual springs, they are able to conform far more easily to your body, and provide a more comfortable surface, without pressure points.

Plus, modern advancements and economies of scale in pocket spring production have brought their price point to roughly the same as coil springs. There is no cost-saving to be had by selecting their inferior predecessors.

A modern pocket spring mattress functions as a global standard, and that is just one reason that it is found in millions of homes around Australia, and the world. For a huge variety of these venerable and reliable surfaces, Save A Lot beds is your finest Australian source, with quick, nation-wide shipping and fantastic deals. Check out our many options today!

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